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Relevant Engagement Services




Professional Development

  • Youth Organizations

  • School Districts

  • Corporations

  • Community Spaces  

  • Non Profits

  • State & Federal Agencies

  • Men of Culture Academy (MOCA)

  • Boards of Directors

  • Boards of Trustees

  • Tribal Councils

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Speaking & Special Events

  • Motivational workshops

  • Keynote addresses

  • Conference planning

  • Team Building retreats

  • Plant based training

  • Black history month and BIPOC heritage months

  • School assemblies 

  • Students of Color Conferences

  • Faculty and Staff of Color Conferences

  • Mens Initiatives

  • Small business events

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Middle Schools, High Schools & Colleges

  • Self Advocacy Training & Student Development

  • Life Coaching Sessions

  • Black & Brown Male retention (MOCA)

  • Job & Worker Readiness

  • College Preparation & Outreach Services

  •  Family engagement for communities of color

  • Advising for enrollment in comprehensive transition & Post- Secondary educational programs


Juvenile Rehabilitation & Corrections

  • Self-advocacy training 

  • Counseling opportunities
    for enrollment in comprehensive transition & Post- Secondary educational programs,

  • Job Exploration counseling,

  • Job Readiness training, and

  • Work-Based Learning experiences on campus and off campus and/or unsubsidized job

  • MOCA Cohort Programs

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (training & research)
Award winning faculty ( teaching & learning)
Nationally renowned programs (summits, conferences)
Small group facilitation sessions (professional development)
Social Justice & Emotional Agility (advising & leading)
Engaging the highest risk youth (rehabilitation & coaching)  
Speaking & Special Events (emcee, keynote, panel)


Relevant Engagement Consulting


White Allies & Advocates In Training


Purpose: Students learn rights, responsibilities, and how to request accommodations or services/supports needed during transition to post‐secondary education and employment.
Sample Services: Instruction on when/how to disclose disability. Instruction on when/how to request accommodations. Instruction on self-determination.


Workplace Readiness


Purpose: Preparing students for entering the world of work and living independently.

Sample Services: Soft skills training, time management, punctuality, financial literacy, mock interviews, resume building, accessing services/supports.



WAIT: White Allies in Training

A training series for white identified individuals who are dedicated to antiracism and culturally relevant leadership. In this workshop we use an African centered frameworks for education, government agencies, nonprofits & corporations.  We will examine how our identities change as we grow in our understanding of personal & institutional oppression. We have trained over 3,000 white students, professionals & community members since 2008.

Beginner Levels (1 hour, 2 hour, sessions)

Intermediate Levels ( 3-4 hour sessions)

Advance Levels (4-6 hour sessions)

​Language For Justice: Teaching language 


Juvenile Rehabilitation (DCYF JR) serves Washington state's highest-risk youth. Youth may be committed to JR custody by any county juvenile court. The juvenile courts follow prescribed sentencing guidelines to determine which youth will be committed to JR. These youth typically have committed many lower-level offenses or have committed a serious crime. Relevant Engagement provides advising, coaching and instruction (credit and pre college Guided Pathways).

The Men of Culture Academy (MOCA) serves juvenile offenders retained in their home counties and receive services administered by the juvenile court; e.g., detention and/or probation.

MOCA JR cohorts are typically deep end youth that have committed serious crimes or have an accrued an extensive criminal history. MOCA provides alternative trauma informed approaches to rehabilitation (arts music therapy, creative writing, BIPOC dance and performing arts, meditation, yoga) 





A training series for participants to gain understanding, knowledge, and strategies to call in challenging conversations around race, gender & culture.  How do we develop a language for justice? We share restorative justice tools for teaching, leading & organizing. Learn how we can become effective equity leaders to guide organizations, and educational institutions towards inclusion & justice for all.  

Beginner Levels (1 hour, 2 hour, sessions)

Intermediate Levels ( 3-4 hour sessions)

Advance Levels (4-6 hour sessions)

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Our H.E.R.O program is designed to empower and encourage youth & young adults to be relevant and conscious of what is going on around them and aware of who they truly are. We prepare students with Human Development, Education, Entrepreneurship & Reading.

There are 55 modules of the HERO curriculum available in four quarterly sessions or as individual single workshops. 

Middle School (1-2 hour sessions, quarterly)

High School ( 1-2 hour sessions, quarterly)

DVR  (ages 16-24 in PRE ETS programs)

Men of Culture Academy


Our Mission
To engage, motivate & inspire men who are leading change, transforming others & making a positive impact on the people.

Our Vision
To bring knowledge, hope and inspiration to men across all cultures on the planet.

MOCA Pathways & Cohorts
Middle school cohorts & special events

High School cohorts & Special events

Juvenile Rehabilitation Cohorts & Corrections Cohorts & special events

College & University cohorts & special events

Professional cohorts, affinity groups & special events








Below are some previous speaking engagements we have facilitated.  

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