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Relevant Engagement Services



EDI + I Facilitation

Professional Development

  • Youth Organizations

  • School Districts

  • Corporations

  • Community Spaces  

  • Non Profits

  • State & Federal Agencies

  • MOCA Cohorts 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking & Special Events

  • Motivational workshops

  • Keynotes

  • Conference planning

  • Team Building retreats

  • Plant based training

Youth Services

Middle Schools, High Schools & Colleges

  • Self advocacy training & student mentoring

  • Life coaching sessions

  • Black & Brown Male retention

  • Job & Worker Readiness

  • College preparation/outreach

  •  Family engagement for communities of color

  • Counseling opportunities for
    enrollment in comprehensive transition and Post- Secondary educational programs

  • MOCA cohort programs

Incarceration Rehabilitation

Juvenile Rehabilitation & Corrections

  • Self-advocacy training 

  • Counseling opportunities
    for enrollment in comprehensive transition & Post- Secondary educational programs,

  • Job Exploration counseling,

  • Job Readiness training, and

  • Work-Based Learning experiences on campus and off campus and/or unsubsidized job

  • MOCA Cohort Programs

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (training & research)
Award winning faculty ( teaching & learning)
Nationally renowned programs (summits, conferences)
Small group facilitation sessions (professional development)
Social Justice & Emotional Agility (advising & leading)
Engaging the highest risk youth (rehabilitation & coaching)  
Speaking & Special Events (emcee, keynote, panel)


Relevant Engagement Consulting


White Allies & Advocates In Training

WAIT: White Allies & Advocates In Training

A training series for white identified individuals who are dedicated to antiracism and culturally relevant leadership. In this workshop we use an African centered frameworks for education, government agencies, nonprofits & corporations.  We will examine how our identities change as we grow in our understanding of personal & institutional oppression. We have trained over 3,000 white students, professionals & community members since 2008.

Beginner Levels (1 hour, 2 hour, sessions)

Intermediate Levels ( 3-4 hour sessions)

Advance Levels (4-6 hour sessions)

​Language For Justice: Teaching language 

Language For Justice:  Building Relevant Strategies 

A training series for participants to gain understanding, knowledge, and strategies to call in challenging conversations around race, gender & culture.  How do we develop a language for justice? We share restorative justice tools for teaching, leading & organizing. Learn how we can become effective equity leaders to guide organizations, and educational institutions towards inclusion & justice for all.  

Beginner Levels (1 hour, 2 hour, sessions)

Intermediate Levels ( 3-4 hour sessions)

Advance Levels (4-6 hour sessions)

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 10.15.45

Our H.E.R.O program is designed to empower and encourage youth & young adults to be relevant and conscious of what is going on around them and aware of who they truly are. We prepare students with Human Development, Education, Entrepreneurship & Reading. There are 55 modules of the HERO curriculum available in four quarterly sessions or as individual single workshops. 

Middle School (1-2 hour sessions, quarterly)

High School ( 1-2 hour sessions, quarerly)

DVR  (ages 16-24 in PRE ETS programs)

Men of Culture Academy


Our Mission
To engage, motivate & inspire men who are leading change, transforming others & making a positive impact on the people.

Our Vision
To bring knowledge, hope and inspiration to men across all cultures on the planet.

MOCA Pathways & Cohorts
Middle school cohorts & special events

High School cohorts & Special events

Juvenile Rehabilitation Cohorts & Corrections Cohorts & special events

College & University cohorts & special events

Professional cohorts, affinity groups & special events








Below are some previous speaking engagements we have facilitated.  

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