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Rashad C. Norris


Rashad C. Norris

Rashad received his BA in Marketing Communication with a Minor in English from the University of Puget Sound where he also played basketball. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration from the Evergreen State College.  As the founder of Relevant Engagement Consulting LLC, he partners with State of Washington (DYHS) Department of Child, Youth and Families Services Community, Reentry and Parole Programs Juvenile Rehabilitation by conducting culturally relevant healing sessions with incarcerated teens as a part of the youth's re-entry process.  In addition to his work he has extensive experience in creating black and brown male engagement programs and services, and providing proven youth of color engaging strategies.  He has been asked to lead workshop sessions for professional development with teachers and administrators from local and state school districts regarding student engagement practices. Rashad also delivers motivational presentations that uplift young people in the community through keynote addresses, seminars, professional development workshops, and conference presentations to adults working in the education system.  He has a proven track record and history of being called to inform, teach, and put into practice the work that he has created to help him engage effectively using DEI+I content.  He posses a Social Justice, Anti Racist, and Equity minded approach that has gifted him the ability, creativity, and communication style to create spaces for authentic dialogue and tangible outcomes that reaches diverse audiences.  


  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Injustice Consulting

  • Black and Brown Male Engagement program specialist

  • Youth of Color Engagement specialist/advocate

  • Anti-Racist Facilitation Sessions

  • Youth Social Justice/Language Program specialist

  • Youth Community Entry Rehabilitation program specialist 

  • Youth Speaking Engagements


Engage black and brown male youth, youth of color, educational institutions/organizations  and community organizations through (DEI+ I ) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Injustice & Anti-Racist practice conversations and activities, encouraging all to seek personal awareness, and to become knowledgeable in providing equitable access for all in order to help position more advocates for racist systemic change.