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About Rashad C. Norris


Rashad C. Norris
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Rashad C. Norris,
President & Founder
Faculty, Communications & Human Development

Rashad received his BA in Marketing Communication with a Minor in

English from the University of Puget Sound where he also played

basketball. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration from the

Evergreen State College.  As the founder of Relevant Engagement

Consulting LLC, he partners with State of Washington (DYHS) Department

of Child, Youth and Families Services Community, Reentry and Parole

Programs Juvenile Rehabilitation by conducting culturally relevant healing sessions with incarcerated teens as a part of the youth's re-entry process. 

In addition to his work he has extensive experience in creating black and

brown male engagement programs and services, and providing proven

youth of color engaging strategies.  He has been asked to lead workshop

sessions for professional development with teachers and administrators

from local and state school districts regarding student engagement

practices. Rashad also delivers motivational presentations that uplift

young people in the community through keynote addresses, seminars, professional development workshops, and conference presentations to

adults working in the education system.  He has a proven track record

and history of being called to inform, teach, and put into practice the

work that he has created to help him engage effectively using DEI

content.  He posses a Social Justice, Anti Racist, and Equity minded

approach that has gifted him the ability, creativity, and communication

style to create spaces for authentic dialogue and tangible outcomes that

reaches diverse audiences.  


Vice President of Instruction/ Chief Academic Officer

Faculty, Ethnic Studies, Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Tuncap has worked in education, nonprofit and leadership

since 1998. Tuncap was born in Aniguak, Guam & raised in Tacoma/

Lakewood. He has served as Director of: the Pacific Islander Student

Commission at UW Seattle, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at

Green River College & TRIO SSS at Seattle Central College. Studied race

in Charlottesville as a Ralph Bunche fellow at UVA & as a Public Policy & International Affairs Institute Fellow in the Goldman School while

earning his MA in Ethnic Studies @ UC Berkeley.

Tuncap is a renowned race scholar and co-founder of several movements including the UW LEADERS program, the WA State Diversity Equity in

Hiring & Professional Development, UW Student Ambassadors Program,

& the Men of Culture Academy. Profesor Tuncap taught over 1,200 undergraduates in the Department of Ethnic Studies (& Fall program for freshmen) at UC Berkeley 2003-2009. He served as a Visiting Professor of

Ethnic Studies at the Evergreen State College, Adjunct Professor in

Humanities @ SPSCC, Sociology @ Northwest Indian College, Diversity &

Global Studies @ Highline, English at Shoreline, Tacoma  Community

College & Evergreen, Ethnic Studies & Communications at TRIO UB for

Lincoln, Mount Tahoma, Foss & Clover Park High Schools  & the College

of Education at UWT. His research and students are published in

Matamai: the Vasa in Us (2010), Pacific Voices  Talk Story (2003) &

Breathing Stories 2 Life (2012) He served as advisor on Community

Colleges for the Discovery Center at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

2019-21. He co leads DEI in Washington's Community & Technical

Colleges and the WA State Faculty & Staff of Color Conference. 


To engage youth, adults, institutions and community organizations with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, advancing conversations and creating activities that encourage all to achieve a new personal awareness. 

National Research, Local Innovations​


 To bring relevant engagement to every individual searching for new ways to find success.

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