Relevant Testimonies

“Rashad works to inform and empower students of color, and creates an inclusive atmosphere for all students, by discussing systems of power in a clear and relevant way.  Rashad is a dedicated, inspired, and inspiring person”.

                                                     Jennifer M. Newton, English, AVID, and Journalism Teacher

                                                                                Kentwood High School, Kent



“Rashad has a positive message of hope, motivation, and working towards achievement.  He demonstrates a desire and passion to guide and mentor young people on a path to success.  He has the ability to engage them on a personal level even when the room is filled with students and adults.”

                                                                   Toni Fortunato, Counselor, AVID Coordinator

                                                                                Lakota Middle School, Federal Way


“I continue requesting Rashad as a presenter because of his extraordinary ability to connect with students, engage them in positive thinking and motivate them towards their future goals.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Rashad explain difficult topics to students in very creative and unique ways.  Rashad has the ability to not only motivate students but to empower them as well”.

                                                                                Karly Feria, Site Manager

                                                                                        Tyee High School

10 + Years Experience

Culturally Relevant

Relevant Empowerment

Purposed Driven

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Your Philosophy determines your Thought pattern; Your Thought pattern determines your Attitude; Your Attitude determines your Behavior pattern; Your Behavior pattern determines your Actions”   ~Anthony Browder, Author of From the Browder File

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