Relevant Engagement Professional Development Workshop: Multi Service Center

     Had the opportunity to create a space for important dialogue and engagement around community voices.  Had each participant identify their biases and prejudices while having them give value and space to those they have differences with.  This workshop concluded with a true introspection of the participants and lived strategies to equitable outcomes. 

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Ignite Seattle Education Lab

     Develop a Crock Pot mentality and be careful of the Microwave mentality. "Smell the Ingredients" was delivered at an annual storytelling event featuring speakers from the Northwest. This year's theme was Education, focusing on building relationships both with students and across communities. Featured speakers came from all walks of life and timed 20 slides with their 5-minute speeches. Slides not shown in video.

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King 5 New Day Northwest

On-Air Interview

     The Black and Brown Male Summit and Y.E.L.L.(Young Educated Ladies Leading)Female Summit are the two signature events that I founded at Highline College. Both are designed to serve our young students of color to empower and motivate to excel in academics and to accept nothing less than excellence from self.


I enjoyed the relevant information about culture and its aspects about making connections with youth


-SOWA Bridge Conference participant


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Eastern Washington University 
College & Career Exploration Day

Keynote Speaker

     For the past 7 years Rashad Norris has been the featured Keynote speaker for the 8th grade college exploration days at various colleges in Washington State.


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